Get Plugged in:

Music Ministry - The Music Ministry is composed of collective singers and musicians for the edification of the congregation and to encourage praise and worship to God. 


Usher Ministry - The Usher Ministry serves as the “Keepers of the House” in the church.  They assist in greeting visitors, distributing bulletins, and the seating of the congregants during worship services and other events.  


Sound Department - The Sound Department supports the Pastor and other departments  in the church in creating an environment where the message that is going forth is heard clearly by the congregation and visitors. 

Culinary Team - The Culinary Team prepares and serves meals in various areas of the ministry.  The love of Christ is shown through their cooking skills and acts of service. 


Women’s Missionary Society - The Women’s Missionary Society is comprised of women who seek to assist and fellowship with other women in order to meet various spiritual, social, emotional, and financial needs of the church and world.  It also leads various educational and charitable initiatives to help people grow in their knowledge of God through Christ. 


Steward/Stewardess Board - The Steward/Stewardess Board is responsible for providing the elements for Holy Communion.  They also assist the ministerial staff with Holy Communion and Baptismal rites. 


Trustee Board - The Trustee Board is responsible for upkeep of the tangible concerns of the church such as the real estate, equipment, and supplies. 


Class Leaders - The Class Leaders’ purpose is to provide guidance and spiritual support to the congregation. They are appointed by the Pastor to communicate regularly with their class members in order to serve the needs of the congregation.  


Lay Organization - The Lay Organization’s purpose is to provide education and training to the laity of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the historical and traditional disciplines of African Methodism.  It also teaches stewardship practices to the youth and new members. 


Fundraising - The Fundraising Department brainstorms and implements ideas to raise funds to distribute to various parts of the ministry as well as other charitable causes. 


Finance Administration - The Finance Administration is responsible for the accounting operations of the church.  They generate financial reports and maintain an adequate system of checks and balances to ensure accuracy of the church’s financial data.